故事是酱紫滴,2011年4月8号,一哥们想在Amazon.com上买一本研究苍蝇的发育生物学的经典书《The Making of a Fly: The Genetics of Animal Design》,但却发现Amazon上有两家的报价高得吓人。profnath报价为$1,730,045.91,bordeebook为$2,198,177.95。

针对这样一个明显异常的现象,这哥们进行了跟踪研究,发现这两家都是在用程序自动调价。不过两家的竞争策略完全相反,profnath的策略是以低价取胜,价格总是别人的99.83%。而bordeebook则是凭借自己125k+,93%好评的rating,价格总是别人的127.059%。 原文在这里





跑到该书的页面看了一下,现在7个卖家,4家报价158美刀左右(从上截图看,之前也就40左右,真是JS),1家9.8k,一家10k,一家11k。其中9.8k那哥们很有意思,直接注明 Human generated price.


这条被评为最有用的好评 What a steal!, April 25, 2011

I was fortunate enough to buy this at the bargain price of $19,087,354 there must have been a sale because the next day it was listed at $23M. I was very pleased to find upon arrival that the book contained very useful information, however to be honest I was expecting a few more pictures for the price paid. I highly recommend this to all my associates, I have many acquaintances with children in only the best private schools who will be buying several copies. If the price has you worried, ask yourself the American question: “can you really put a price on good education?”

有人回复这条review说,I can’t believe I sold my copy for only 120k! I knew I should held onto it a little longer.

最有用的差评 I had serious troubles with this book, April 26, 2011

As a Wall Street investment banker, I typically enjoy only the finest things in life. Nice cars, nice houses, and nice cigars. And speaking of cigars, I only light them with the most expensive currency available. Lately, I have run low on my collection of old $1,000 bills, so I was excited to see a book for $23 million on Amazon. I decided to place an order for the book (super saver shipping, of course), and received my copy of “The Making of a Fly: The Genetics of Animal Design.” At nearly 230 pages in length, each sheet of paper in the book is worth $200,000. I cracked the book open and ripped a page out. My troubles began at this stage. After prepping my Gran Habano Corojo, I lit the page. It burned much faster than American currency. I scrambled to get my cigar lit, but the page burned so fast I had no choice but to drop it. And I dropped it on my polar bearskin rug. Unfortunately, The rug caught on fire quickly and I had to scramble out and onto the deck. Oh yes, I should mention that I was on my 140 foot yacht at the time. I called my servants at once to put out the fire, but the gold plated fire extinguishers I kept aboard were unfortunately being replated at the time. We had to board the lifeboat (a 30 foot ski-boat) and leave the yacht. It was painful watching my yacht burn, but the greatest tragedy is that the remainder of the book also burned. I tried to obtain another copy of the book, but alas, it had gone down in price.

评论中有人提到,23m并不是最贵的,Amazon曾经有过9亿美刀的书卖 Not bad if you can’t afford a real present, April 26, 2011

I was considering this book until I came across others which are today considered much more valuable:

1.Streams in the Desert by Mrs. Charles E. Cowman (Nov 30, 0002)

(122 customer reviews)
Formats Buy new New from Used from


Hero For Our Time – An Intimate Story of the Kennedy Years (Jan 1, 1984)
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Unknown Binding


POINT COUNTER POINT by Aldous Huxley (1928)
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Lana, The Lady, The Legend, The Truth by Lana Turner (1991)

(11 customer reviews)
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The Doctrines and Discpline by SOUTHE METHODIST PUBLISHING HOUSE (1886)
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Unknown Binding


I just hope they don’t already have a copy. That’s always so embarrassing.


I am an avid desert-goer and everyone knows that a desert lacks in the area of water. I figured that this book would be able to tell me the locations of the streams in the desert so that I might fill my canteen. I was going to purchase three of these (one for me, my brother, and my bff) however with the $600,000,000.00 price tag I was only able to purchase two copies, with the economy being pretty bad right now. Come to find out this book has NOTHING to do with streams in a desert! Now I have $1.2 billion worth of paper weights.


Have fun~!

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