A message to Eve, from WALL-E


Dearrrrrr Eve:


First of alllll, please forgive me for mispronouncing your name as Eva all the time. You know, I can do nothing. It was designed.


86,400 seconds have passed since you flew away. I go to the places where we fulfilled ourselves, but this keeps getting me down and down. I’ve never ever seen you so angry before, neither calling my name sternly nor pointing at me with your advanced arms. You just turned around and rocketed towards the sky.


I know it’s my fault. I shouldn’t have treated the flowers we planted together as wastes. But it’s directive, just like you pointed the plasma cannon to me sometimes. I never feared, not because of supposing you wouldn’t fire, but I knew I was able to dodge. It has been proved for 738 times in the two years. The seeds are ready and I’m waiting for you.


 Please, don’t leave me alone for another 700 years. The years before the beautiful encounter with you could be as short as one day, but after that, one day will be as long as 700 years if you are not at my side. Find your way back home. I’ll boat you to the island and then enjoy the sunset together. If it rains, I’ll be your umbrella, no matter how many times hit by lighting.


Home is here, never gone.

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